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about us

BMOXI is the app created by and for young women, turning self-care into a daily "power move" to elevate self-love. 

our story 

Hey there! We totally get it. Life in high school can be a rollercoaster, and it can throw our vibe off in a flash. If we don't handle all the drama, stress, and curveballs in the right way, it can seriously impact our self-love, confidence, and happiness. Even worse, it can stick with us and affect our friendships, education, and future.


That's why we all need a bit of self-care every day to reset and recharge. It helps us tackle high school challenges head-on and feel powerful and ready to take on the world. But with all the self-care stuff flooding our social media, most of us are still figuring out how to do it right. And let's be honest, most of the self-care tools out there seem like they're meant for grown-ups and don't really relate to our high school lives.


That's why we created BMOXI. Welcome to the very first self-care app designed especially for high school girls like us. We're a teen daughter and mother on a mission to make self-care easy and relatable. We hope you'll find it to be an inclusive space that boosts your confidence, helps you take control of your life, and amps up your happiness.


Come join us!


we believe it's ok to not be ok...


The number of young women with mental health disorders has more than doubled in the past decade.


Half of mental illness begins by age 14.


33% of teen girls experience a 1st episode of depression – 3X the rate for boys.


38% of teen girls have an anxiety disorder.


70% -85% of teen girls have low self-esteem.

...but we also believe in fighting for our mental health 


Happier & hyped moods.


Increased self-esteem & inner chill.


Better friendships & relationships.


Reduced anxiety & risk of depression.


Clearer thinking & more creativity.


Better physical health.

...bc we all deserve to feel chill

our values

our leadership

We have the courage &  passion to build a better future & we are not afraid to rock the boat.

our people

We respect and value our people (family), encourage their development & reward their performance.

our accountability

We are accountable for our Ws and Ls & for delivering on our commitments.

our partners

We treat our partners with respect, fairness & integrity – while expecting the same in return.

our customers

We are customer-obsessed, focused on creating positive experiences, exceeding their expectations & building relationships. 

our integrity

We work with a sense of honesty & strong moral principles.

our diversity

We value all backgrounds, skin colors, identities,  preferences, & experiences.

our teamwork

We leverage the collective genius of all our people internally & externally.

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